ScarJo’s ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ Has a Director

Surely a product of the writers’ strike, the long gestating Mary Queen of Scots is showing a little more movement.

Back in August 2007 we learned that Scarlett Johansson was set to take on the title role as the woman who became Scotland’s queen at 9 months in 1542 and, later, a rival to the English throne. Now we learn that the Aussie Catch a Fire helmer Phillip Noyce will be the one directing her.

Mary, a Roman Catholic, was imprisoned for many years on charges of plotting to murder Elizabeth I, a Protestant. Elizabeth eventually had her beheaded in 1587.

As far as any other casting goes there is no word, but production is on course to start in April in London and Scotland.

Most recently the character of Mary was played by Samantha Morton in a far-too-small role in Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Back in 2004 Bryce Dallas Howard was actually set to play the part of Mary in Mary Queen of Scots but has since moved on.


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