No ‘Rambo’ Press Screening in Seattle

This weekend sees our first official 2008 release with the Warner Bros. delayed thriller One Missed Call and it is so good the only screening for the press is tonight at 10 PM. I won’t be attending. However, at least Warner is showing the film as Lionsgate throws an early 2008 barb my way.

In an email today to see if there would be a screening of the upcoming Rambo, since I hadn’t heard a single word concerning the film which opens on January 25th, I wrote:

Just writing to see if there is going to be a RAMBO screening. Please, oh please, tell me there is.


My “please, oh please” was not answered as I had hoped:

Unfortunately, there will not be a Rambo screening.

Unfortunate is right! I mean, everyone is going to give Rambo a pass simply based on the fact that it is Rambo and therefore expected to be ridiculous and simply an outlet for blood, violence and a puffy Sylvester Stallone going hog wild. Right?

Well, I guess those are the breaks, and I will have to try and catch a matinée sometime that weekend. I don’t really understand Lionsgate’s recent trend of screening absolutely nothing, but then again if the Hostel, Tyler Perry and Saw franchises were my big claim to fame I would be wary as well.

Now, I am not sure if this is how it is being handled elsewhere, but it wouldn’t surprise me considering a lot of Lionsgate films are hitting theaters without press screenings. This begs the question: Why in the world did they screen Good Luck Chuck then? Consider these questions that will never be answered logically.

For some R-rated Rambo goodness to get you pumped click here.


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