Top Ten Movie Scores of 2007

While I don’t claim to be a master of the language of music I know what I like and as I redesigned RopeofSilicon this past year a growing playlist of random songs from movie scores became my best friend providing perfect background as I did my work. The best kind of music while you are working is the kind with no words and while that is exactly what movie scores offer they also offer up the recollection of some great movies adding a bit of emotion to what you are listening to.

While all the films listed below aren’t necessarily the best movies they are what I deem to be the Best Movie Scores of 2007, and just to upset things there is one soundtrack in there, but it’s my list so deal with it. Hope you enjoy, I have included Amazon “Buy Now” links should you be interested in picking up a copy.

SIDE NOTE: If you are wondering why the soundtrack for Once (Buy it Here) is not on this list it is quite simple… The majority of the songs I actually like on that soundtrack were already available on “The Swell Season” (Buy it Here). The only song that was not that I truly love is “If You Want Me” by Marketa Irglova, which I actually like more than “Falling Slowly”. So, I did not forget about it, I just didn’t really think it counted.

The Kingdom

Danny Elfman is traditionally known for his bombastic big scores for films like Spider-Man and the films he has done for Tim Burton. However, with The Kingdom‘s score he went for something that didn’t sound at all like an Elfman score and I actually loved it. If you are looking for specific tracks to check out peruse “The Kingdom – Titles” and “Finale”. BUY IT AT AMAZON

Sweeney Todd

Here’s that one soundtrack I mentioned above and your love of this one solely depends on how much you enjoyed the film. Personally this was the final nail in the coffin that had me loving Sweeney Todd with songs such as “Epiphany”, “Johanna” and “A Little Priest” taking you back to every great moment you saw on screen. Oh, and with “Johanna” the version I love is the longer one with Jamie Campbell Bower, Johnny Depp and Laura Michelle Kelly, even though Kelly’s addition to the song is more appropriate for the movie than the song on its own. BUY IT AT AMAZON

Michael Clayton

James Newton Howard’s score for Michael Clayton is the definition of subtle. I have told many people that I really liked this score and most of them say, “Hmmm, I didn’t notice it.” It is a hard score to describe outside of calling it subtle, but it is one that I felt truly captured the mood of the film. BUY IT AT AMAZON

The Number 23

A fantastic score for a terrible movie, but then again I pretty much love everything Harry Gregson-Williams does. If you want to sample this one the “Opening Credits” gives you a full overview of what to expect, but I am quite partial to track four called “Ned”. BUY IT AT AMAZON

Eastern Promises

Howard Shore’s score for Eastern Promises is absolutely fantastic as the work of solo violinist Nicola Benedetti gives it a haunting quality. I had listened to this soundtrack so many times that when I finally had the chance to watch the movie on HD DVD it felt like I was revisiting an old friend. BUY IT AT AMAZON

The Bourne Ultimatum

I would probably place all three Bourne scores near the top of any list of all-time movie scores as a collection. John Powell has somehow managed to make each one just different enough from the last that all three are well worth the purchase. Specifically on the Ultimatum score I would check out “Assets and Targets” and “Coming Home”. This isn’t the best Bourne score as Supremacy owns that distinction, but it is a worthy pick up. Powell’s Bourne scores are so good Geoff Zanelli did his best to rip it off with his Hitman score. BUY IT FROM AMAZON: [IDENTITY | SUPREMACY | UILTIMATUM]


Okay, I never saw this movie and don’t have any desire to considering the bad word of mouth it has received, but when I saw that Brian Tyler has teamed up with the London Symphony Orchestra to put this thing together I had to jump on it and it is well worth the leap. Recommending a single track is virtually impossible, but if I must I would guide you to listen to “Whips” and “Getting Started / Scene of the Crime” and you should be sold. BUY IT AT AMAZON

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

If you want haunting then here is your ghost. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis is one of the most unique soundtracks of the year and a definite departure from the other nine scores mentioned on this list. All 14 tracks bring something different to the table, but if I was to make an immediate recommendation it would be to check out “Song for Bob” or “Rather Lovely Thing”. BUY IT AT AMAZON


Dario Marianelli just knows exactly what to do to score a Joe Wright film. He did it with Pride and Prejudice and he one upped himself with Atonement bringing the story directly into the score thanks to the hammering tones of a typewriter. Luckily if the sound of the typewriter isn’t your thing there is even a song on the score that has the pleasant piano theme from the film minus the typing. Definitely check out “Two Figures By A Fountain” and “The Half Killed” for a good taste of what to expect. BUY IT AT AMAZON

Lust, Caution

Easily the best score of the year is Alexandre Desplat’s score for Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution. This score has it all and unfortunately iTunes doesn’t carry the full version so you will have to pick up the CD in store, but if you want a sample of how great it is give “The Angel” a listen, any time it comes on in my house my ears perk up. BUY IT AT AMAZON


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