VIDEO: Wanna See a Best Actor at Work?

If you have been avoiding any mention of Oscar Talk or There Will be Blood then you probably don’t know that Daniel Day-Lewis is a sure lock for Best Actor at the upcoming Oscars. Luckily I am here to point you in the right direction and RopeofSilicon is here to give you six clips from the upcoming film, five of which truly give you an idea of what to expect.

However, before you go clicking willy-nilly, and I am sure most of you will be drawn to the clip with the word “Explosion” in it, let me give you some tips.

  1. Watch them in sequential order
  2. Be sure to watch “I Will Bless the Wellbefore watching “That’s It, Ladies and Gentlemen”
  3. Expect “I’ve Abandoned My Child” to possibly be the clip shown at the Oscars before Lewis wins the Best Actor, but know that the context of that scene is not even close to being realized in this short clip.

Now, go forth and watch. There Will be Blood is currently showing in limited theaters and will expand throughout the month of January, for more information, pics and cast information click here.

A sprawling epic about family, greed, corruption, and the pursuit of the American dream. Set in the booming West coast oil fields at the turn of the 20th century, “There Will Be Blood” follows the rise of rugged prospector Daniel Plainview (Day-Lewis) who becomes an independent oilman after hitting it rich with the strike of a lifetime. Written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, the film is inspired by Upton Sinclair’s novel “Oil!”


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