Box-Office Wrap-Up: Dec. 21 – Dec. 23, 2007

I rocked it near the top, although I was again terrible with the Chipmunks. I suppose I should have seen that one before bashing it so hard.
#1 movie predicted correctly: 6 Weeks In A Row
I didn’t want a lot for Christmas, but I wanted to be right on this title. And I was! It had a huge Friday but dropped on Sat/Sun to come in right where I wanted it. As I said before, this was no I Am Legend. One was a taut action thriller, the other was a pointless illogical exercise. The box office punished the silly one.
Result: 45.5 million (My rank: #1, $1.5m off)
First I overestimate, then I underestimate. I just can’t get Big Willy style done right, can I?
Result: 34.2 million (My rank: #2, $6.6m off)
Holy good lord. It doubled my prediction. That’s just silly talk. Being the only legit Christian choice on the board is paying huge dividends for Alvin and co.
Result: 29.o million (My rank: #3, $15m off)
The top was a little stronger than expected, the bottom a little weaker. Charlie will sink like a stone next weekend, bet on that.
Result: 9.3 million (My rank: #5, $2.8m off)
I wasn’t so far off on the money, it was the other choices I had ahead of it that hurt me. I think this is a pretty good result for an unmarketable film.
Result: 9.3 million (My rank: #8, $1.2m off)
I hit the ranking but not the dollars. No one wanted to see a rom-com with Hillary Swank. Evidently they only want to see her take a punch. Lesson learned.
Result: 6.5 million (My rank: #6, $2.6m off)
Hey, what are you doing creeping up in here? Ah, but with .7m separating the last four films you can’t really blame a fellow for missing one of them.
Result: 4.1 million (My rank: Not Ranked)
All I can do is laugh here, clearly a devastatingly incorrect prediction. People didn’t want anything to do with Walk Hard this weekend.
Result: 4.1 million (My rank: #4, $8.6m off)
I had it dropping out of the top ten… because Atonement and Juno were gaining some steam/theatres. Oh well, it’s still a huge financial disaster so I’m not the biggest loser here.
Result: 3.9 million (My rank: Not Ranked)
10. Juno
This is a case of a vocal minority swaying me. Many “artsy” folk have seen it, and dug it, so I figured the masses would follow. But as it turns out teen pregnancy isn’t quite comedy fodder just yet. Give it ten years, eh?
Result: 3.4 million (My rank: #7, $5.6m off)