Pitt Replacing Ledger in Malick’s ‘Tree of Life’

I have to tell you, I love how I have no longer tried to come up with stupid little headlines related to the article topic. Is it just me or has that become one of the most tired acts in online reporting. I very could have easily said something like “Pitt Climbs Malick’s ‘Tree'” or something like that, but isn’t it better just getting straight to the point? Refreshing is the word I use when I sit here typing and talking to myself… Refreshing.

As for this bit of news coming out of Variety we learn that Heath Ledger has dropped out of starring in Terrence Malick‘s new drama Tree of Life and is expected to be replaced by Brad Pitt.

In the new drama Pitt would star with Sean Penn taking on a supporting role.

Unfortunately there is still no news on the plot, just as there wasn’t back in October.

Universal will distribute and there is no word on why Ledger left the project.


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