Gotta Call Bullshit on this ‘Lost in Translation’ Whisper Vid


SlashFilm has found a little video on YouTube posted by a user going by the name of Vid22 claiming to have “digitally processed” the final scene in Lost in Translation in which Bob (Bill Murray) whispers something to Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson). Whatever Bob says is completely inaudible and writer/director Sofia Coppola has said in interviews that the scene wasn’t scripted and only Bill and Scarlett know what was said.

There are other reports that Bob says, “I love you. Don’t forget to always tell the truth,” and honestly, that quote there makes a whole hell of a lot more sense than what this video offers, but even with this supposed “digital processing” done in this video, which actually seems more like tweaking the equalizer, there is no telling what the hell is said. He could be saying, “I killed Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick,” and if I told you that is what he said I am sure there would be people that would believe it.

You also have to assume that Coppola never would have made it possible to figure out. Just imagine her in the editing booth talking to her editor, “Boy, I sure hope no one digitally processes this!”

However, I will shut up and let you make up your own mind.