Box-Office Oracle: Dec. 14 – Dec. 16, 2007

#1 movie predicted correctly: 4 Weeks in a Row
People were going nuts to see this at the screening I went to. I thought there might be a riot. I have this finishing just under $40m because I can’t see taking it over $11330 per theater. I just can’t. Of course I had Compass topping $40m last weekend and it didn’t so it would be fitting if this one screwed me over, but in a reverse manner.
Estimate: $39.6 million
Man, after I Am Legend there is nothing out there that is going to make any money. I offered a free screening of this to a mom, with her kids, and she said “Uh, no.” Not a good sign. It’s weird that they keep rehashing my childhood favorites, but doing so for today’s kids. Today’s children like their own crap, right? Why would they want to see mine?
Estimate: $13.2 million
A pox on both houses for this film. To the religious folk who got upset; shame on you. It’s just a movie. They don’t all have to rubberstamp your beliefs. But even more shame on the producers for changing it to suit the needs of the religious folk… who weren’t going to go anyway!
Estimate: $12.4 million
The Amy Adams train picked up some momentum as the Golden Globes hooked her and Enchanted up. She should win. There wasn’t a strong leading lady out there this year besides her, so why not? Be a buddy Academy!
Estimate: $6.0 million
I just have no idea on this title. I don’t see it getting the support of the other Christmas films though, it’s coming out way too late in the season.
Estimate: $4.6 million
Perhaps if I keep mentioning Josh Brolin someone will give him some love. Josh. Brolin. There, see? Feels good right? The guy was just as good as Javier, why is no one mentioning that? Too busy finding ways to smooch up to Phil Seymour Hoffman? Sheesh.
Estimate: $3.1 million
If I was in the Guild I would get it in my contract that I never had to write about this movie again. Ever.
Estimate: $2.9 million
I had to rate fifteen films this weekend in the Oracle spreadsheet to deal with nonsense titles like this. The difference between fourth and fifteenth place is a paltry five million dollars. That’s less than half a percent of the nation. Where are all the wide releases people?
Estimate: $2.8 million
I’ll take you through the entire equation here so you can see how the machine works. It bled 44% last weekend. I see that slowing just a bit because as dollar amounts shrink so to do percentages. So I say 40%. I’ve got it losing around 500 theaters too, down to 2500. So then, whatever I’m off will be either on the percentage side or the theater count side. Easy as pie, right?
Estimate: $2.3 million
If I was half the man I was ten years ago I’d take a flame thrower to this place. Of course I weighed a lot less than. The highlight of next weekend? No August Rush in the top ten. Bam!
Estimate: $2.0 million


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