This is the Only ‘I Am Legend’ Clip Worth Showing You


One of two things are possible with I Am Legend:

  1. It has a slow start and a kick ass ending and Warner’s is just keeping it from us to make it that much better.
  2. It is just as boring as The Invasion

Essentially, from what I can gather, I Am Legend is pretty much the exact same movie as The Invasion except instead of the plastic doll Nicole Kidman we have Will Smith and instead if Nic’s kid we have Will and a dog. They are both virus films and I am praying I Am Legend doesn’t bore the shit out of me. The Invasion wasn’t all that bad, but if the EPK for I Am Legend is any indication of what this movie has to offer we are in for some trouble.

Unfortunately the launch of the new site coincided with the junket for I Am Legend and I wasn’t able to attend, but I will be checking it out on Monday and am going to hold out hope. Out of seven clips Warner Bros. distributed for the film the one below is the only one I felt was worth showing you. It is the only one with any kind of action, and if I hadn’t wanted to actually get at least one clip up I wouldn’t have even shown you this one.

Check it out and then it may be best to click here to watch the trailer again to get your hopes back up.