Box-Office Oracle: Dec. 7 – Dec. 9, 2007

#1 movie predicted correctly: 3 Weeks in a Row
I’m going big here for a few reasons. 1) Last weekend no one went to the movies. 2) Only one big movie is out this weekend. 3) It’s a kid’s film, even if it is all about killing God or something. Plus I’m going to see it (because I missed both screenings) so that’s like $20 right there.
Estimate: $44.2 million
Compass clearly hurts this title. It fell 52% last week, I see it falling 51% this week. Nothing too crazy there. Amy Adams for Oscar!
Estimate: $8.0 million
I read at this week that Boston doesn’t even have an IMAX theater that shows first run movies downtown. It just makes you wonder, once again, how in the world did they get the budget for this film?
Estimate: $3.8 million
Oddly enough, this will only get weaker as Christmas looms. They should be happy with the dough they raked in that first weekend because the production budget had to have been around $80 bucks.
Estimate: $3.7 million
This was released wide, against nothing, and it still got murdered. It must be one horrible movie. Either that or spending zero marketing dollars came back to haunt them.
Estimate: $2.8 million
See how little it takes to crack the top ten right now? Well hold on to your hats because after this they start pouring the films into the theater, five at a time. Hollywood is a bipolar disaster right now, it’s all or nothing with these guys.
Estimate: $2.7 million
If I somehow get the #5, #6, and #7 slots in the correct order I may simply retire. Essentially nothing separates them, a few dozen people in Topeka will be the difference.
Estimate: $2.7 million
You have to admire any film that fires the director midway through – and then has the stones to send the lead actor out for press. I’m shocked this wasn’t amazing!
Estimate: $2.6 million
Yep, less than half a million dollars stands between the sixth and ninth slots. Will the fact that this just won the National Board of Review’s Film of the Year Award help? Maybe. If people knew what the hell that was it would probably help even more.
Estimate: $2.5 million
Last weekend I was boned on this one because I had it tenth but the opening projections had it eleventh. Then, of course, it finished tenth once the actuals were released. So it was a real banner weekend for me on this film. Sadly, I’ve got to try again, and if Bee Movie does the exact same thing to me… so be it.
Estimate: $1.5 million