Who Was the Last Oscar Winner with a Bondage Girl Tattoo?


A new piece at the “Los Angeles Times” has got me thinking… Has there ever been an Oscar winner sporting a tattoo of a bondage girl on her shoulder? On top of that, how about an Oscar winner that runs a blog referred to as “The Pussy Ranch” and was at one time a stripper?

Diablo Cody, screenwriter of the much talked about Juno, has become the talk of the town and while “The Envelope” writer Mark Olsen points out that Cody has tatted over where it once said “Jonny’s Girl” on her right shoulder with a bunch of flowers I am just wondering if she can manage to become the first ex-stripper, Pussy Ranch blogger and bondage girl tattered Oscar winner.

As of today the Movie City News Guru’s of Gold have her in a dead heat with Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton) in the category of Best Original Screenplay. Is it possible the eccentric writer with the not-so-clean-cut past could break ranks and take home the gold? I can just see all the puns taking advantage of her name in the headlines…

Even though I am not the massive supporter of the film everyone else seems to be, I still liked it and wouldn’t mind one bit seeing Diablo take it home. Perhaps the pic below will sway the Academy voters.

If you want to learn more about good ol’ Diablo check out this piece she wrote about her days in Hollywood.