Eva Green Gets Cheeky in Comment on ‘Bond 22’


This weekend many of you will be seeing Eva Green as the beautiful witch Serafina Pekkala in The Golden Compass and while out promoting the film she was asked about the upcoming James Bond 22 and whether or not she would be involved. Yeah, I know, Vesper Lynd died and it is a rather silly question, but I guess she could have come back for a flashback or something, but don’t expect it as Bond sets out to avenge her death, pursuing Lynd’s duplicitous Algerian boyfriend.

Green told The Guardian, “[Yes] there will be pictures [of Vesper] and things like that. I don’t know who the Bond girl’s gonna be. I’m a bit jealous! I hope it will be terrible,” she lies. “I will be the love of his life!”

Of course she is joking Bond addicts, so don’t get all worked up the way folks did over Katherine Heigl’s comments to Vanity Fair on Knocked Up, which were taken so far out of proportion it was rather comical.

Another quote from Green that really had me laughing was when she was discussing how hard it was for her to find quality roles, “Now I receive a lot of… Like, I received something so similar to the Bond thing: ‘she ends up in an elevator under water’ – it’s a fucking joke. ‘She’s very mysterious…’ No no no no no!”

It’s a rather fun read if you are interested. She seems like she would be a blast to party with. Click here for the full feature.