Reese Witherspoon Tops Highest Paid Actresses List

It is no shocker that money is #1 in Hollywood. Box-office receipts have turned into major news as every news website, blog and transient can recite the top ten as they commit the numbers to memory. Well, The Hollywood Reporter has listed their annual list of highest paid actresses in Hollywood and Reese Witherspoon has finally managed the #1 slot after climbing from #3 to #2 in 2006.

Last year’s #1 was Nicole Kidman who fell to #4, behind Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz. Diaz earned a whopping $30 million for Shrek the Third as she has steadily been climbing the ranks thanks to the animated ogre. Renee Zellweger continues to hold on strong but still dropped two places down to #5.

The biggest surprise for me would have to be Sandra Bullock whose only film of 2007 was the terrible thriller Premonition, but I am sure her return to romantic comedy in All About Steve has to be the primary reason for her return.

The absences from last year’s list include the loss of Charlize Theron, Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Aniston. Theron has been without a hit since her Oscar win for Monster in 2003; Dunst is pretty much known for her role in the Spider-Man franchise and unfortunately I was pretty much the only one that loved her in Marie Antoinette; and Aniston went without a film in 2007 which has to be a big reason for her drop and her upcoming role in He’s Just Not That Into You is part of an ensemble, which can’t be earning her top dollar.

The other name of note has to be 2005’s top earner Julia Roberts as she wasn’t even listed in 2006 and is now back at #7.

Check out the complete list below as well as the lists for 2006 and 2005. You may want to also read the article at THR as it details each actress, check that out here.

  1. Reese Witherspoon — $15 million-$20 million (up from #2)
  2. Angelina Jolie — $15 million-$20 million (up from #8)
  3. Cameron Diaz — $15+ million (up from #5)
  4. Nicole Kidman — $10 million-$15 million (down from #1)
  5. Renee Zellweger — $10 million-$15 million (down from #3)
  6. Sandra Bullock — $10 million-$15 million (not listed last year)
  7. Julia Roberts — $10 million-$15 million (not listed last year)
  8. Drew Barrymore — $10 million-$12 million (down from #4)
  9. Jodie Foster — $10 million-$12 million (not listed last year)
  10. Halle Berry — $10 million (down from #6)
  1. Nicole Kidman: $16 million-$17 million
  2. Reese Witherspoon: $15 million
  3. Renee Zellweger: $15 million
  4. Drew Barrymore: $15 million
  5. Cameron Diaz: $15 million
  6. Halle Berry: $14 million
  7. Charlize Theron: $10 million
  8. Angelina Jolie: $10 million
  9. Kirsten Dunst — $8 million-$10 million
  10. Jennifer Aniston — $8 million
  1. Julia Roberts — $20 million
  2. Nicole Kidman — $16 million-$17 million
  3. Reese Witherspoon — $15 million
  4. Drew Barrymore — $15 million
  5. Renee Zellweger — $10 million-$15 million
  6. Angelina Jolie — $10 million-$15 million
  7. Cameron Diaz — $10 million-$15 million
  8. Jodie Foster — $10 million-$12 million
  9. Charlize Theron — $10 million
  10. Jennifer Aniston — $9 million


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