‘The Hobbit’? In 3-D? With Peter Jackson?


UPDATE: AICN contacted Peter Jackson’s “people” regarding this story and were told it is “not true”. No surprise there.

Does one leaked image mean that you should now be trusted with outlandish rumors that go against everything that has come to pass over the past four years? I am going to say, “No,” but that isn’t going to stop this rumor from spreading like wildfire as Market Saw, the blog that revealed the Avatar alien, is reporting that not only is Peter Jackson coming back to direct two films that will, together, comprise a feature adaptation of “The Hobbit” but they will be shot in 3-D. As much as this sends off geek-gasms all over the interwebs, it seems like a rumor that goes a bit too far. Why not just say that Tom Cruise is rumored to be returning as Lestat in Tale of the Body Thief? What? That rumor is already out there? How about George Takei is going to be in Star Trek as old Sulu? Huh? That was already debunked? But it was oh, so bunk!

Anyway, the site also goes on to make such drastic proclamations that there is “no casting info yet.” Ha, that one made me laugh, but they continue to say that they are looking forward to bringing back “Sir Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis and Hugo Weaving” (a.k.a. the people that play cast members that are in both “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” novels). Good guessing there.

However, you must wait, don’t leave yet this is not the end of the news. Peter Jackson has apparently decided to dedicate the next four years to Tolkien’s material just because working on it for… What was it? … Seven? Eight years already? That just wasn’t enough, nope, now he is not only going to make two films out of “The Hobbit” in 3-D he is also going to convert the Lord of the Rings trilogy into 3-D and then re-release those films in theaters between 2012 and 2014.

Okay, if you have let that all soak in let me just say I am giving Market Saw a lot of shit, but considering they seem quite confident and this isn’t anything all that new it may be indeed true and just confirms everything we have heard to this point. The main reason for my disbelief is due to the relationship Peter Jackson has with New Line and how fractured it seems. Hell, I just read an interview with Chris Weitz and how he got a crash course from Jackson on how to make an effects film before he began Golden Compass, and on top of effects Jackson also gave him the 411 on how to deal with New Line and their accountants.

Perhaps Jackson will be back. I am right there with everyone else in really wanting to see this get resolved one way or another. I also know that seeing a real film in 3-D, that was made for 3-D, would be refreshing… enough of this CGI garbage. At least we know there is always Avatar on the way.

Oh, and if the folks at Market Saw read this I am just ribbing yah, hope the rumors prove true.