Aggressive Offer Proposed to the WGA

Earlier today Nikki Finke updated what has now become a strike only blog to say that a new proposal was going to be presented to the WGA by the AMPTP and Fox Publicity just forwarded on this statement with regards to said proposal:

The AMPTP today unveiled a New Economic Partnership to the WGA, which includes groundbreaking moves in several areas of new media, including streaming, content made for new media and programming delivered over digital broadcast channels. The entire value of the New Economic Partnership will deliver more than $130 million in additional compensation above and beyond the more than $1.3 billion writers already receive each year. In response, the WGA has asked for time to study the proposals. While we strongly preferred to continue discussions, we respect and understand the WGA’s desire to review the proposals. We look forward resuming talks on Tuesday, December 4.

We continue to believe that there is common ground to be found between the two sides, and that our proposal for a New Economic Partnership offers the best chance to find it.

Who knows, this thing could be nearing an end just in time for Christmas! Howdy Ho!


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