Ford Coppola Drafts a Newbie for ‘Tetro’

Despite having a bunch of his stuff jacked including a computer that held a draft to his upcoming Tetro things are still moving forward on Francis Ford Coppola‘s next feature Tetro and he has cast newcomer Alden Ehrenreich to star in the family drama.

Coppola penned the screenplay, which follows a young man (Ehrenreich) journeying to Buenos Aires to find his brother, who left the family years earlier.

Maribel Verdu who played Mercedes in Pan’s Labyrinth also has a role as the brother’s girlfriend while Javier Bardem has been offered another. Bardem’s involvement all depends on scheduling, and I am sure the unknown nature of director Joe Carnahan’s Killing Pablo is part of the problem, since Bardem is expected to star as famed coke dealer Pablo Escobar opposite Christian Bale in that one.

Later this year Coppola’s most recent guerilla production Youth Without Youth hits limited screens. Early word on the film isn’t too good, but it is always interesting to check out the latest Coppola affair.

Production on Tetro is due to start February in Buenos Aires.


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