‘Heroes’ Writer/Producer Apologizes!

I have only seen the first season of “Heroes” on DVD, but it has been impossible to avoid hearing how bad the second season has been performing, and in an extremely impressive and commendable move writer/producer Tim Kring has come out in Entertainment Weekly and apologized for some of the show’s sophomore season missteps.

Kring realizes they took too long to get to the “big-picture”, that they didn’t develop new heroes properly, that Hiro spent way too long in old-time Japan and comments on the love stories starring Claire and Hiro, “In retrospect, I don’t think romance is a natural fit for us.”

It is impressive to see someone take responsibility for their mistakes and in the case of “Heroes” I think it is important. The fanbase for this show has been large and loud and by offering up something of an apology is sure to improve the chances they give the show second, third and possibly fourth chances.

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