‘Star Trek’ Needs Mishapen Skinny People

ComingSoon has posted a casting call to be an extra in the new Star Trek for director J.J. Abrams, and since I don’t frequently casting calls I don’t know how often they get this strangely specific, but take a peek at the requirements:


[MALES & FEMALES] – Ages 18-70, any ethnicity: to play Cadets: young, fresh-faced, Military types: marching experience preferred, thin, regal talent with BROWN or BLACK hair AND are OK with their eyebrows being shaved from the arch outward to portray a Vulcan-type eyebrow shape.

Talent with interesting and unique facial features such as: long necks, small heads, extremely large heads, wide-set eyes, bug eyes, close-set eyes, large forehead, short upper lip, pronounced cheekbones, over- or undersized ears and/or nose, facial deformities, ultra plain-looking people, ultra perfect-looking people, pure wholesome looks, twins, triplets, emaciated talent, regally poised and postured talent, or other visually unique characteristics.

Everyone must be thin, athletic, fit; wardrobe will be form-fitting. All hair lengths on males and females welcome.

Bring: Close-up full facial NON-SMILING snapshot AND a waist-up body shot in Fitted Clothing.

Ladies with long hair, PLEASE pull your hair back in a severe ponytail. Do not wear heavy makeup in your photograph. If your hair is long, let the ponytail length show over your shoulder. If you do not have these photos, we will take them of you for free.

Wear fitted clothing for the photo.


Open Call: Saturday, November 10, 2007.

Hours: 2:30-5 p.m.

Address: 3108 W. Magnolia Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91505

(across from Pinocchio’s Restaurant)

Just imagine the group of folks they are looking for. What if all of the same kind show up and they have a bunch of long-neck, big head extremely large head skinny people… Wouldn’t that be a disaster!?!?

Star Trek is set to begin filming tomorrow and hits theaters Christmas 2008.


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