‘Heroes: Origins’ Gets Scrapped!

The first season of “Heroes” was pretty cool, but where they were going to go from there I wasn’t sure, and since I don’t watch regular ol’ TV and wait for DVDs it is going to take a while for me to find out. However, one piece of the superhero puzzle that sounded interesting was “Heroes: Origins”, but according to Variety NBC has scrapped the production.

The spinoff had already attracted the likes of Eli Roth, Kevin Smith and Michael Dougherty to direct three of the six episodes, but with the one show suffering a little Variety speculates that trying to take on the production of six more episodes of a hugely complicated, mythology-based series might have proven to be too difficult, especially given the possibility that all production could halt soon with the looming writers strike.

“Insider” (whoever they are) do say the potential isn’t completely dead and the idea could be revisited, but I can only assume that will only be so if the current show takes back off. However, with critics down on the show and the hope of a surge in numbers not likely I wouldn’t count on seeing “Origins” any time soon, if at all.


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