POSTERS: ‘Juno’ and ‘The Savages’

IMPAwards posted two new posters recently for a couple of anticipated Fox Searchlight films, both of which are getting a reasonable level of buzz. The first is Jason Reitman’s follow-up to Thank You For Smoking called Juno starring Ellen Page, Michael Cera and from what I understand a great performance by Jennifer Garner. The pic centers on Juno (Page), a whip-smart teen confronting an unplanned pregnancy by her classmate Bleeker (Cera). With the help of her hot best friend Leah (Thirlby), Juno finds her unborn child a ‘perfect’ set of parents: an affluent suburban couple, Mark and Vanessa (Jason Bateman and Garner), longing to adopt. Luckily, Juno has the total support of her parents (J.K. Simmons and Allison Janney) as she faces some tough decisions, flirts with adulthood and ultimately figures out where she belongs.

I am excited I am finally seeing this flick next week and may be getting the chance to chat with Reitman again (my first interview with him here) as well as screenwriter Diablo Cody.

The second film is one that I have already avoided once, but still want to see because it actually looks good, but it also looks a bit depressing. It is called The Savages and stars Laura Linney and the man that is quickly becoming a self parody Phillip Seymour Hoffman. This is one of those dysfunctional family films and it looks like if you aren’t in the mood to be brought down you should avoid this one.

So, before you check out the posters… look for The Savages in theaters on November 28, and Juno on December 14.


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