Now David Dobkin is Directing ‘The Flash’

What is Warner Bros. doing? First they have David Goyer directing The Flash but they drop him, then they bring on Night at the Museum helmer Shawn Levy only to send him packing as MTV has now learned the Fred Claus helmer David Dobkin now has the job.

The interesting piece of information coming out of the news is that Dobkin’s film will be a direct spin-off of the currently casting Justice League. For you comic fans (since I have no idea what this means) Dobkin said his version of the The Flash will be “Wally West”, which MTV says apparently meshes with recent Justice League rumors that the film opens with Barry Allen’s funeral. Since I have no idea who Wally West or Barry Allen are I can’t elaborate any further on that one.

So, there you have it, but I remain a little confused. Word around Dobkin’s Fred Claus has been bad for about six months, so either he impressed him with his pitch or the movie isn’t as bad as people are saying. I also wonder when Levy left the production and how the Dobkin courting process actually went.

“The Flash” first appeared in DC Comics late in 1939.


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