‘Grudge 3’ Will Be Made… Why? Because You Will Watch

Who is Toby Wilkins? Why he is the director assigned duties on The Grudge 3 with production set to begin next January.

Why isn’t Takashi Shimizu coming back? Probably because he has his own Grudge flick to make in Japan, or should I say Ju-on pic. Shimizu has made six films based on the revenge seeking ghost to date and it is no surprise he isn’t returning to make yet another US born monster as he is expected to make a third over in good old Japan.

So, Wilkins takes over for Ghost House Pictures with Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, along with Mandate’s Joe Drake and Nathan Kahane aboard to produce.

Wilkins directed the 7-8 minute shorts “Tales from the Grudge” in promotion of The Grudge 2, which was so bad Sony wouldn’t even screen it for critics and until I saw it on DVD I didn’t realize just how bad it actually was. The only reason a third film is being made is because audiences will still lap it up. There is no info on who is scripting the third installment and I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually went straight to DVD.


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