Tony Scott Driving Drug Smugglin’ Boat Flick

Tony Scott has found yet another pic to direct, this time it is a biopic on Don Aronow, the inventor of the cigarette boat, a high performance boat that he designed for his offshore racing team that soon became a favorite of Colombian drug smugglers looking to import their product into Miami in the 1980s.

Aronow was a self-made millionaire and a lot of that coin came when he got a $20 million contract to build boats for U.S. Customs agents to catch the smugglers. He was eventually gunned down in 1987 in a mob-style hit in Miami. Yeah, for a story that sounded silly at first just got damn interesting eh?

Pic was written by Michael A.M. Lerner, a former Newsweek correspondent who wrote and directed the indie feature Deadlines, based on his experiences covering war in Lebanon.

Scott is expected to begin filming the pic for Fox 2000 after directing The Taking of Pelham One Two Three with Denzel Washington over at Columbia Pictures.


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