Lindsay Lohan as a Playboy Bunny?

E! Online is reporting that while Lindsay Lohan isn’t running into things with here car or going to rehab she is being considered for new film roles, and one of those film roles may be the Hugh Hefner biopic for Brett Ratner as a Playboy Bunny.

The site quotes Ratner saying, “She’s very talented…if she’s sober… She would be great as a Playboy Bunny.” However, the Rat wouldn’t officially name any of the names he is considering for the flick.

At one point there were some Ratner and Lohan “friendship” rumors back when Lohan was partying all night and getting into trouble with producers. If she is aiming to improve her reputation around Tinseltown it might not be in her best interest to go portraying a Playboy Bunny in a Ratner film, but it can’t be any worse than playing a stripper in the disaster that was I Know Who Killed Me.


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