‘Saw 5’ is Actually on Track for October 2008

Saw IV hits theaters in only two weeks and like Saw III it won’t be screened for critics here in Seattle, much like Lionsgate didn’t film Tyler Perry’s latest box-office winner Why Did I Get Married? (when a method works, why fix it?). However, looking beyond Saw IV, Lionsgate is already making plans for a Saw V. This isn’t a surprise since back in July it was reported that the Saw II and IV second unit director David Hackl would be taking directorial duties on both V and VI. I just assumed that with the failure of Hostel II that there may be some hesitation, or perhaps I was hoping they would just slow down. Unfortunately, ShockTillYouDrop talked to Hackl and they are outlining V right now.

Hackly told the site that writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are prepping the outline so they can begin shooting after the first of the new year for a release in October of 2008.

The site also reports that Alexa Vega, who stars in Saw IV helmer Darren Lynn Bousman’s horror musical Repo! The Genetic Opera, of which Hackl is production designer, has been begging to be killed in Saw V. Not literally of course.

I am just curious to see what the torture horror genre has come to and if Saw IV will continue the Saw franchise success. I personally thought Saw III was terrible and not even worth watching. The puzzle was too silly and I am not a fan of showing gore just to be shocking. Who knows, can’t hate on success, but it always frustrates me when a movie that I believe shouldn’t do well does, or at least when movies like The Game Plan beat out quality flicks like The Kingdom and now Michael Clayton. Frustrating is the word.


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