A Twisted Pictures Take On ‘Fatal Attraction’?

ShockTillYouDrop comes to us with yet one more bit of horror news as they are reporting that Saw series producer Mark Burg (who operates with colleague Oren Koules) says the company has one of two horror-thriller projects in development that are good to go for next year, namely a film entitled Kept, and it is said to be “a Twisted Pictures take on Fatal Attraction,” Burg told the site.

Burg continued saying, “It’s about a man who misses his plane and gets stuck in town and stays overnight. He goes to the hotel bar and sees a woman there. They start looking at each other, he sends her a drink, they start flirting. As he’s walking over to her, we see him take his wedding band off and he puts it in his pocket. He ends up back at her apartment. She goes into the kitchen and pours two drinks, putting something in his. She then gets undressed and heads into the shower.”

I like the idea, but skip the roofies part eh? A naked chick showering is enough to keep the man in the room. Have her tie him up and promise to nibble on his naughties… anything other than the age old date rape drug. Give me an inventive killer chick at least. Especially since Burg says “he wakes up and he’s strapped to a bed,” so much could have been done with the gratuitous sex scene in this case.

I will say it gets good from there as the woman alleges to knowing he is married and then wheels in a TV and “puts a tape into the VCR, and shows him what she’s done to the last guy who was married and tried to hit on her.”

Kept is based on a novella of which Shock does not actually mention, but does say the script was adapted by Jason Rothwell, whose writing credits are rather limited.


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