‘Knight Rider’ Movie Still Moving Forward?

At the end of September we learned that NBC was developing a “Knight Rider” TV movie that could potentially become a new series based on the popular ’80s television show of the same name. This put into question as to whether or not the feature film adaptation that series creator Glen Larson was behind at the Weinstein Co. was in jeopardy or had been scratched altogether, especially since there had been so much buzz about the film about a year ago when a fake teaser poster surfaced. Since then we haven’t heard a word.

Well, today Ain’t It Cool News got word and it looks like they are still working on the film as AICN posted a video featuring Larson discussing the script saying, “Looking to the future, I might suggest you keep your eye on the horizon because like a mighty phoenix, K.I.T.T. will rise from the ashes to fight the forces of evil once more.”

You can click here to check out the video and read the report.


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