‘Jackass 3’ Filming in January

Earlier this year news leaked out that the boys behind the popular self-mutilation Jackass movies were busy making a Jackass 2.5 to go straight-to-DVD for a December 2007 release (Dec. 3rd is the rumored date). The release is expected to include a bunch of stuff that was deleted from the movie as well as a couple of newly filmed stunts. I am not sure how it will compare to the unrated DVD edition which included seven unrated extended segments and 29 deleted scenes, but I am sure there will be a little something extra.

Now, word out of SlashFilm is that they are also prepping a Jackass 3 for a January production start. SlashFilm quotes Steve-O who was quoted on the Howard Stern show saying, “I was told to rest up for Jackass 3 which will start shooting in January.” Considering the second film made $72 million domestically on a reported $11.5 million budget I don’t think this comes as a surprise to anyone.

Peter at SlashFilm refers to this as a “pre-strike film” and I can only wonder if it actually took a strike for Paramount to realize free money was a good thing. It’s Hollywood, that’s probably the case.

Now, here is a clip from the filming of Jackass 2.5 followed by clips from Jackass 2. Enjoy!


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