Check Out Kevin Smith in ‘Southland Tales’!

According to Samuel Goldwyn Films who is releasing Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales the image below is Kevin Smith as Simon Thiery in the film. I guess I will believe them, but damn that is some serious make up work, kudos to the makeup department on this one.

For a larger look give the pic a click, on top of this one I added another 8 new images as well.

Look for Southland Tales in theaters on November 9th as it has said that the film has been cut “by approximately 20 minutes” from the version that crashed and burned at Cannes last year and “now has about 600 visual-effects shots, of which at least 100 are completely new.” Not sure how much 100 visual effects are going to matter if the film itself sucks, but it looks like they got the makeup down.


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