Who’s Really Got Milk?

For a while there the big question was whether or not Bryan Singer would helm Man of Steel or The Mayor of Castro Street first. The first film there being the follow-up to Superman Returns, the second being a biopic on the life and assassination of San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk. Well, now Singer has Valkyrie and apparently Gus Van Sant’s got Milk with Matt Damon and Sean Penn attached to star.

Penn would star as the openly gay ’70s politician Harvey Milk and Matt Damon as his assassin, Dan White, is the word out of The Hollywood Reporter. Damon would play White, who shot San Francisco city supervisor Milk and Mayor George Moscone in 1978. After serving five years of a seven-year sentence, White committed suicide in 1985. There has been a race in Hollywood to get the story to the screen first and I can only assume that with this cast Van Sant will be crowned the victor.

The project is currently being set up with hopes to begin production in San Francisco as early as December. For the Damon fans out there, the uncertain start date may affect his participation.

The THR article goes on to confirm that Singer will most likely move on to Man of Steel once production and promotion on Valkyrie is completed.


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