‘Immortal Jeff’ and ‘Living Dorks’ Scripts at Work

Back in February I had a chance to check out the German comedy Night of the Living Dorks and I loved it for what it was. I think the English dub helped the comedic factor, but there was a lot to laugh at in that one. Anyway, as with any film that does well somewhere else, us Americans snatch it up and must make it our own.

It was announced a while back that Chris Bishop would be penning an Americanized version of the comedy and Warner Independent would be distributing it. Not much has been said since, but the project was brought up once again today in a Variety article as Bishop’s latest script was just picked up by Universal.

The new project is called Jeff the Immortal and it is described as a supernatural comedy about a slacker who discovers he has supernatural powers but uses these new-found powers for selfish reasons.

Apparently Bishop got the idea for the film after watching Highlander, the 1986 fantasy tale starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery, and wonderd what he and his buddies would do if they got such powers.

Of course there isn’t a director or any cast or any anticipated start date, but I thought it sounded like something worth keeping an eye out for, especially since I remain curious about the Living Dorks feature.


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