Cohen Finally Moves On to ‘Bruno’

Sacha Baron Cohen is finally getting ready to role on two new films as the Borat star took on a couple of smaller co-star roles in Talladega Nights and the upcoming Sweeney Todd following his comedy hit.

First up will be Bruno for Universal based on his “Ali G Show” fashion reporter character. There, unfortunately, is no word on how exactly the film will be made as the character on the show was much like Borat in that he operates in real world scenarios. Whether the film will continue the trend or become fully scripted is not clear. Dan Mazer is expected to direct.

Cohen is also set to star in Dinner for Schmucks for DreamWorks and director Jay Roach. The film is a remake of French hit Le Diner de cons featuring a Paris publisher who urges his friends to invite the most pathetic people possible to his weekly dinner party. In the English-language remake, Cohen would play a guest so full of “schmuckiness” that he ruins the lives of anyone who comes into his orbit.

Schmucks has been talked about since 2005, and Variety still says the picture isn’t completely pieced together, and is subject to several variables. One such problem facing production is that Roach committed to replace Sydney Pollack as the director of Recount, an HBO pic about the drama behind the 2000 presidential election that is being timed for the heat of the 2008 presidential election.

Both he and Baron Cohen will have to get past their fall projects and leave DreamWorks enough time to shoot Schmucks before next June.


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