Box-Office Wrap-Up: Aug. 24 – Aug. 26

This has been a good run for your pal the Oracle. I think I’m around 19 for my last 20, even if sometimes I’m off by tens of millions of dollars.
#1 movie predicted correctly: Five Weeks In A Row
I thought it would drop 45% and it dropped 45.5%. Sorry guys, I am not going to get into decimal percentages. I still have to maintain a vigorous drinking regimen.
Result: $18.0 million (My rank: #1, $.1m off)
Of course Bourne finished second, it’s a good movie. This is feeling like sweet justice so far. Bourne is at $218m… couldn’t we give this guy the Johnny Depp package to get him back for a fourth?
Result: $12.3 million (My rank: #2, $.6m off)
I had it doing much worse than 3rd. The issue was how much pavement The Nanny Diaries ate this weekend, another Weinstein debacle.
Result: $12.2 million (My rank: #4, $2.2m off)
All the fans who came out a decade ago came out again. Well, like 80 percent of them at least. The radio ads for this were brutal and I’d guess they cost the film at least $2m.
Result: $10.1 million (My rank: #6, $3.2m off)
5. War
I was dialed in on War, my Statham thriller theory was right on time. I don’t know about Jet Li’s track record, but it seems like he’ll always be a bigger name than an actual box office draw.
Result: $10.0 million (My rank: #5, $.6m off)
You have to admire the carnage somewhat. Take “Eqsuire’s” Sexiest Woman Alive, mix her with a best selling book… and then *poof* make a crappy movie and get slaughtered. Yay!
Result: $7.8 million (My rank: #3, $2.7m off)
I may be too insulated by my TiVo. I had Resurrecting the Champ in this slot but it didn’t even make the top ten. Was there any advertising for that product? Probably not. But there’s still no way I’m going back to watching commercials.
Result: $4.4 million (My rank: #8, $.6m off)
I’m pleased to see it do well, or at least better than I projected. There are some very vocal Stardust fans out there and they are starting to pick fights with the idiots who are judging this based on the trailer. Seriously guys, see this one if you can. It’s solid.
Result: $3.9 million (My rank: #10, $.3m off)
Conversely I’m one of the people who has judged this based on the marketing, so I am a kettle. But I will see it on DVD, promise.
Result: $3.4 million (My rank: Not Ranked)
Down the tubes for this one, I’m sure they are already getting the Criterion edition DVD ready to rock.
Result: $3.1 million (My rank: #9, $.6m off)


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