Box-Office Oracle: Aug. 24 – Aug. 26

#1 movie predicted correctly: Four weeks in a row
The perfect confluence of events will conspire to keep Superbad on top. It couldn’t happen to a nicer (yet still delightfully vulgar) film.
Estimate: $17.9 million
The downside to this turning out great is the fact that I now want another one. As in right now. But I know I am at least five years away, and without Matt Damon too. It’s like giving me a remote control plane with no remote.
Estimate: $12.9 million
Dead nanny walking! They haven’t promoted this at all, not even a little, they know a dead horse when they see it. And the movie isn’t very good. All in all, not the best hand to play this weekend for the Brothers Weinstein.
Estimate: $10.5 million
Tucker and Chan versus Li and Statham. Well, you see who I picked to win at the box office but I would have taken the other guys in a fight. Only because Statham would destroy Tucker and then turn around to double team poor Jack Chan.
Estimate: $10.0 million
5. War
If you look at the numbers behind Statham and something like Crank it’s hard to get excited about this financially. And Jet Li, while a name people know, isn’t a name that draws big dollars. So it’s sort of the perfect formula to finish fifth with.
Estimate: $9.4 million
The staff drew straws to see who would review this. But the guy who lost set himself on fire instead. Sorry general public, no review! Oddly the original Bean that came out a decade ago did quite well but I’m betting that the public’s tastes have changed since then.
Estimate: $6.9 million
This title doesn’t have the name recognition to make much of a dent. A really underrated boxing movie is Diggstown. I think I’m the only one who has even heard of it, but you should still rent it. Back to the lecture at hand, I’m not sure why they didn’t bother to promote this, isn’t Hartnett worth a few marketing bucks?
Estimate: $5.3 million
I’m on a deadline here so expect the writing to get super poor. No, even poorer than normal I mean.
Estimate: $3.8 million
Well, it’s been out around a week which is just enough time for everyone that saw it to warn everyone else. They should have made audiences sign non-disclosure acts.
Estimate: $3.7 million
I saw a truly awful article online at that ripped Stardust‘s script. Trust me, no matter how many times you read that sentence over it still won’t make sense.
Estimate: $3.6 million


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