Ice Cube Goes Limp for a ‘Comeback’?

The era of Limp Bizkit has pretty much come to a close and it looks like frontman Fred Durst is doing whatever he can to get into the movie business now. He starred in the direct-to-video thriller Population 436 and then directed The Education of Charlie Banks and is now ready to direct his second feature with Ice Cube set to star.

The film is Comeback and it is a sports drama based on a true story. Cube will play a former high school football star who takes his niece under his wing as she becomes the first female quarterback in Pop Warner football history. The 11-year-old QB, Jasmine Plummer, led her team to the Pop Warner tournament, and became the first female to play in the tournament’s 56-year history.

The project was penned by Nick Santora and Doug Atchison did a rewrite. Production is set to begin on November 26 and Dimension Films will distribute.

Based on what we know about Durst and Cube, it is pretty crazy to think that when these two actually do work together for the first time it will be on an inspirational sports story, but that is Hollywood for yah.


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