Extended ‘Transformers’ Heading to IMAX

Transformers was a rather big disappointment of mine this year. The trailers and even the opening scene offered up a really dark and moody picture and then I got the watered down comedy fest in which a robot pees on John Turturro for the rest of the movie. So, when ComingSoon reports that Paramount Pictures will rerelease the summer blockbuster in IMAX theaters on September 21 with more footage than you saw in the conventional theatrical version I don’t really get all that excited.

We have already heard that the DVD will contain an animated prequel, an animated prequel I have since heard will only be available on DVDs sold at Walmart, but that is unconfirmed. Whether or not this extended version will be offered on DVD is not quite clear so if you are interested you should see if it will be showing at an IMAX near you.


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