Olivia Wilde Talks Tron 2.0


“House” star Olivia Wilde talked to SCI FI Wire about starring in Disney’s anticipated follow-up, Tron 2.0, which starts shooting in April in Vancouver. Here’s a clip:

They’re going to build a huge amount of the set. The director, Joe Kosinski, has made some unbelievable commercials. People can check out his Web site. He’s just a really talented guy. And he’s a really big fan of using as much sets as you can, because he’s an architect as well, so he likes to build these worlds. And with something like Tron, I think it helps to create the environment as much as possible without too much green screen so that these characters can exist within this world, … with the feel … as real as possible.

You can check out the full interview here! Tron 2.0 co-stars Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner and Beau Garrett.

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