If you haven’t checked out my top ten of 2006 you can do that right here or just click on the referring link at the end of this article, but things weren’t all roses in 2006. There were certainly some stinkers, or in this case a few films that didn’t quite live up to my personal expectations, in fact they fell drastically short, and so I bring you my disappointments of 2006.

Here to help me is a man we have all come to know and love. While he says a few things we may not necessarily quite understand he remains far more entertaining than any of the ten films mentioned below.

All the King’s Men was originally set to be released in 2005, but was then moved to 2006 which looked like a lack in faith in the picture’s chances amidst the Oscar flurry and that lack of faith was for good reason. This movie is horribly boring and just one more look at Sean Penn as he overacts his way through the entire picture.

I don’t understand all the buzz around this film. What looked like it could be an intriguing story was slow and plodded along until the final moments when you hoped for some sort of a ta-da style ending but were greeted with blah…

Laremy spouted off about how great this movie was and while I think the idea is solid I felt Emilio Estevez missed a great opportunity. While it did earn a Golden Globe nomination this is a flawed film that didn’t have any impact until the final moments, and that is too long to wait for an emotional ending that you expected before walking into the theater.

Talk about a missed opportunity. How hard would it be to make fun of the American President and “American Idol”? Not hard I would say and yet this unfunny picture makes it seem like it was brain surgery as there is hardly a “ha” moment to be found in this picture. In Good Company and About a Boy director Paul Weitz is much better than this.

Wow, talk about disjointed and messy. To say Clint Eastwood directed this mess is just as shocking as it is that this film earned him a Golden Globe nomination. The only reason Letters from Iwo Jima did not make this “most disappointing” list is because it was so much better than Flags of Our Fathers, which has no redeeming qualities to be mentioned.

If Poseidon had been billed as a comedy and starred Leslie Nielsen instead of Kurt Russell this film would have made so much money. However, they went for thrills and came up with none.

A true disappointment was Superman Returns. I have a feeling my dislike for this movie has grown out of the differing praise I have heard. If that makes me biased then good, this is my list.

I am still waiting for the uncut version of this film that features Charlton Heston on the beach screaming at a half buried Statue of Liberty, “You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!” I’m telling you, it would have made this an A+ movie… as is, it is an F. Booooo!

Brian DePalma really let me down with this sloppy and uninteresting story. I have a feeling many of you forgot it even existed.

It looks like Borat is thinking about “Baywatch” so excuse him, he has Pamela on the mind. As for Miami Vice this only makes the top of my most disappointing list because it is a Michael Mann film. I hold this guy to very high standards and this was damn near unwatchable a second time. It has one great scene (the siege at the trailer park), but on a whole it is an exercise in boredom.

There you have it, now if you would like to see what movies I really enjoyed click right here and let’s look forward to a great 2007.

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