Box-Office Oracle: Dec. 29 – Dec. 31

Is this a four day weekend? I’m doing it as three, I don’t conform. Is that a giant “excuse pass?” Yes. Yes it is. Also, I think I am going to win this weekend. Mercy, mercy, give me one more before the year is over.
#1 movie predicted correctly: Never Ever
Based on the premise alone this should have truly sucked. It didn’t. For that, I will allow the big dollars to flow.
Estimate: $24.1 million
This is a small risk as it could slide into the third slot. It had a nice few wide days but seems to be slipping a bit as of Thursday. I hope the weekend is kind to the little musical that could.
Estimate: $13.8 million
There won’t be much dollar attrition because everyone needs something to do this weekend. Sunday will be very low though, as everyone readies the tux and booze.
Estimate: $13.4 million
Call me ready for Rocky 7: Nursing Home Wars. That would be the proud end to a noble franchise.
Estimate: $8.7 million
WHERE IS THE BUZZ??? I am starting it right now, right here. Start buzzing little Ropers, this is a good movie.
Estimate: $7.7 million
The trailer for this looks hideous. On the other hand if I had a little human staring at me all day I’d take anything.
Estimate: $7.2 million
I don’t think anyone wants to see this. No one is talking, buzzing, or paying American dollars this weekend for Christmas horror. That’s my take anyway.
Estimate: $6.8 million
If I had a dragon I would firebomb all my enemies. Don’t worry, probably not going to happen.
Estimate: $6.1 million
One of my great shames this year is not going to see this. Maybe I should skip my New Year’s Day plans and head on out to hang with five year olds.
Estimate: $4.5 million
This was a good one that the world ignored. Sorry Marshall I can only fight so many battles. If I get my dragon I’m using it on something else.
Estimate: $4.0 million

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