Del Toro Talks Tarzan


Recently we learned the visionary director Guillermo del Toro was going to be taking on the legend of Tarzan and Mel Gibson’s favorite site just dropped us a note that they had a chance to talk with him about the character. Check out what he had to say:

Tarzan is one of the 10 best characters of all time; he’s universally known, you can say Sherlock Holmes, you can say Mickey Mouse and you can say Tarzan and everyone’s heard of him. It’s a done deal that we’re developing the screenplay and I really want to work with John Collee, and I loved Master and Commander; I read them and I never felt they could be made into a 20-part BBC miniseries. And seeing them condensed that way and seeing that sense of adventure and how they created this beautiful marriage and two men raising this child. And I wanted to go with him because he brings reality to a tale that I’m going to bring madness and fantasy to – it’s both ying and yang with him. I’m always obsessed by nurture verses nature – it’s how this guy learns to become an ape at first, and then how this ape learns to be a man in the second place, and then he becomes what he needs to become and that is Tarzan. I think that’s a process I’m interested in whether the character’s name is Hellboy or Tarzan – it’s how you learn who you are in the process of choosing. I’m going to have my quota of great make-up effects with the creatures, the apes, and I’m really excited in creating this accurate sociology from those apes.”

Del Toro is currently out promoting his fantastic movie Pan’s Labyrinth which is in limited theaters December 29 and should expand through the new year. Be sure to check out JewReview here, and I wish everyone over there a happy Chanukah.

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