Optimus Prime Graces EMPIRE Cover


Man, I am beginning to think Spider-Man 3 is in for a battle considering how the Internet has gone Transformers crazy, and even though Premiere debuted a couple of new pics from Spider-Man 3 I have a feeling the upcoming issue of Empire Magazine is going to raise a few more eyebrows as Optimus Prime graces the cover with the teaser “World Exclusive! Meet the Robots Out to Conquer the Summer!” Notice Spidey is listed last after all the other titles…?

Gotta say, Spidey’s next trailer better get people talking. I have a feeling Sony can’t keep Venom locked up for too much longer as they need to do a buzz reversal to get things back to even. Check out the cover pic from Empire that ‘Tformer’ sent in and look for Transformers in theaters on July 4, 2007 and check out our gallery of four pics for the film here and the trailer links here.

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