Box-Office Oracle: Dec. 22 – Dec. 24

The Oracle has to be on an island. I can’t think of the past poor performance, or the menacing four new releases. Nope. I’ve got to just come out firing. Much like my main man, ROCKY! The chant line starts here.
#1 movie predicted correctly: Zero Weeks In A Row
It made six million dollars on a Wednesday. Now, I’m sure some punks had off those days, but not like Saturday is going to be. has this at $18.3m right now. What the hell?? Has the whole world gone crazy?
Estimate: $31.5 million
I have no idea who wants to see this. People who run into walls I guess.
Estimate: $18.5 million
What is the difference between this and Happyness? Looks sad, is uplifting. Plus, hey, football. Get some.
Estimate: $18.4 million
Who am I kidding? This will murder Marshall. I’m instantly regretting this decision.
Estimate: $17.1 million
What are the kids doing these days? Is it this? I want be a kid again. A toys r’ us one. That has a PS3.
Estimate: $12.1 million
Vile public, why will you destroy this wonderful film? Why?
Estimate: $9.9 million
This could end up higher as parents slog to the theaters. Even higher still if the kids don’t get what they want gift wise.
Estimate: $7.3 million
Brad loved it, I thought it was decent, the public said “whatever.”
Estimate: $5.5 million
One day I will be insane and get to make bank and spout whatever I want. Wait, I’ve got two out of three covered already.
Estimate: $5.3 million
I’m not going to lie, I’ve had a few beers. This prediction could be off by as much as ONE MILLION DOLLARS.
Estimate: $4.8 million

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