New ‘Turtles’ Voices and I Don’t Care


USA Today has become the place to give little movie scoops, good thing too because everybody reads USA Today for their movie news scoops. Today’s bit of news is related to TMNT, and if at this moment I didn’t tell you that this was the new CGI animated film based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles you might have been confused for the rest of the article. Yup, it’s the worst title to come in a long time, I would wager to say it is even worse than Live Free or Die Hard. What exactly does that mean?

Anyway, our story, the news is that Sarah Michelle Gellar has signed on as the voice of April, the human researcher who serves as the Turtles’ tech-services worker and mother figure. Fantastic Four‘s Chris Evans is the hockey-stick-swinging Casey Jones, and Clerks filmmaker Kevin Smith also voices a cameo as a greasy-spoon chef. These three are joined by yesterday’s announcement of Patrick Stewart who voices Max Winters, a tech industrialist who is amassing an army of monsters in the city and Zhang Ziyi who voices the villain Karai, who leads an evil army known as the Foot Ninjas into battle against the turtle brothers.

How exciting is this? Personally, not at all. You can paint me NGRA (Not Giving a Rat’s Ass).

TMNT opens March 23, 2007. To check out the USA Today article and a pic of Ziyi’s character (teased above) click here.

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