The Ultimate Oscar Preview!


Are you an Oscar prognosticator? Perhaps you would like to watch the Oscars but have never heard of any of the films in contention. Either way RopeofSilicon has the answer as Andre Rivas, Laremy Legel and myself have looked the CONTENDERS up and down and bring you our indepth insights into 27 individual films, a look at the special effects and best animation categories and finally a look at the rest of the films we feel are in line for some major awards this year.

If anything this will give you a better idea of what the Academy is thinking before the nominations are announced on January 23 and perhaps a holiday movie guide for those of you that like to catch all the films in contention before the big show rolls around. While we don’t dive too deep into the below-the-line awards there are hints of costume, editing and cinematography candidates sprinkled throughout, but don’t expect much in the way of foreign film and documentary candidates… not exactly our cup o’ tea, although I will say, “Go Pan’s Labyrinth!”

So, with no further delay, click here or on the banner above to get started in RopeofSilicon’s Ultimate Oscar 2007 Preview, THE CONTENDERS!

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