‘Spider-Man 3’ is All Gooey According to Tobey


So, here it is, a big score news wise out of the Los Angeles Times, or is it? Consdering it concerns Spider-Man 3 and the world “Venom” I am sure plenty of you already have a semi, but just keep it in your pants, this isn’t breaking news. Tobey Maguire got to chatting about Spidey 3 and had some things to say about the black suit we all know is the source of all that is evil in Spider-Man 3, or at least one-third of all that is evil…

Here is what he has to say:

“Basically, there’s the goo, right? The symbiote which has, like, a dark energy, like the goo from the thing that creates venom.” To someone not totally versant in the Spider-Man mythology, Maguire sounds vaguely demented. He realizes it, laughs and backs up. He’s not referring to venom, but Venom, “a very, very popular character from the later Spider-Man comics. He has the same kind of attributes that Spider-Man has, but he’s just stronger, faster and more vicious than Spider-Man. And it comes from this goo that comes from outer space, so first the goo comes and gets hold of me.”

Wow, talk about mind-blowing. Anyway, in other Spider-Man world related news director Sam Raimi is set to produce along with Josh Donen the newly acquired screen rights to The Shadow based on one of the greatest pulp heroes of the time, and the radio series, which featured a young Orson Welles, spawned the catchphrase “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” For more on that go here.

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