‘Golden Compass’ Site Goes Live


For all of you fans of author Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, here is a nugget to keep you salivating for the next 12 months. The official website for the first film in the planned trilogy, The Golden Compass, is up. They’ve been trying to get this trilogy off the ground for years with Sam Mendes at one point showing interest in the project. I’m a fan of the books myself and hope they do not screw this baby up. At least give me a kick-ass bear fight!

Anyway, if done right, this series could be even better than the The Chronicles of Narnia (expect the two series to compete against each other). And expect a little controversy when the film is released next December despite the fact that the novel’s baddies (members of the Catholic Church) have been replaced by something called the Magisterium.

Everything that I have read in regard to the casting of this film looks very good. Nicole Kidman is perfect for the role of the icy Ms. Coulter and I really like the choice of Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel. The newest Bond will share the screen again with his Casino Royale cohort, the yummy Eva Green. The not-as-yummy Sam Elliot also stars. This trilogy will live and die, however, with the casting of Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra. On first glance she looks a bit young for my tastes (though perhaps not for RopeofSilicon writer Laremy Legal’s…booyah!), but there will be three movies and she’ll grow into the role I’m sure. The film is directed by Chris Weitz (American Pie) from a screenplay co-written with Tom Stoppard.

Check out the new site goodness right here.

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