Before ‘Blood’ Comes ‘Die Hard 4’


Good lord, I have had a hell of a time getting you people interested in Blood Diamond. An interview with the actors and director wasn’t enough, an editorial on the movie wasn’t enough… how about the fact that the teaser trailer for Die Hard 4, or for you picky types the shitty real title Live Free or Die Hard, will be in front of some prints of Blood Diamond this weekend? Does that work? Will you go see it now?

I guess it doesn’t help that will be in select theaters reports JoBlo, but you shouldn’t be missing this movie anyway. I have seen it twice and loved it even more the second time.

JoBlo reports that “the trailer, of a still undetermined length, will only run before 35mm prints of DIAMOND with Fox swapping out PATHFINDER for digital prints.” So I guess you could call your theater and find out what print of the film will be screening at your theater and you will have a better chance of catching it.

However, for you waiting types, I am sure it will be online Sunday night or so. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out our interview with the Blood Diamond folks here and learn more about those damn conflict diamonds here. What the hell else have you got to do?

Oh, besides check out set pics from Die Hard 4 here and here.

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