‘Hills Have Eyes 2’ Poster Gets Edited?


So you thought the MPAA only rated movies in an effort to let audiences know a little more about the movies they were going to go see. Descriptions like “Rated R: For bizarre and disturbing content, including drug use, sexuality, and gruesome situations – all involving a child, and for some language.” That particular rating was for Terry Gilliam’s Tideland and is one of the longest descriptions I have ever seen, but if you have noticed the animated image with this article you are sure to have already figured out we aren’t talking ratings here.

You see, the MPAA also approves marketing for movies. This is why you see that “This preview has been approved for all audiences” in front of all the trailers for movies, but you might not have known that they also approve the posters you see in those theaters around the country.

Genre site EatMyBrains has unveiled what would have been the teaser poster for The Hills Have Eyes II had the MPAA not rejected it. Luckily you international folks should see the unedited version.

In putting that mini poster above together I noticed all the Photoshop work that went into editing out the clawing hand it is just a shame. What the hell does it matter if the hand is coming out or not? Oh, the person in the bag is still alive and the other one is dead… Hmmm, if I really wanted to SPIN this I could say the person clawing at the ground at least has a chance. Perhaps even call the original design uplifting. Yeah, I think I’ll do that. Gotta assume Fox Atomic can’t be happy having to dumb down what was actually a cool poster to this mess.

Check out the edited poster below and click here for a look at the original design over at EatMyBrains. Thanks to “Brainiac” for the heads up.

Oh, and if you are in the mood for more edited posters you can check out the original Saw II teaser poster here and the Red Cross forced Lionsgate to edit out the crosses from the nurses hats in the Saw III posters here, but that had nothing to do with the MPAA so we’ll give them a pass on that one.

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