Sarandon and Tucker Fall into the ‘Valley’


Paul Haggis could probably get anyone he wanted to star in his movies right now. The man is hot considering his most recent Oscar wins with Crash and his Million Dollar Baby script. It is no wonder he was able to tap Tommy Lee Jones and Charlize Theron as stars for his next film tentatively titled In the Valley of Elah and today he adds two more names.

Susan Sarandon and Jonathan Tucker have joined the cast of the mystery thriller which follows a veteran father (Jones) in search of his son, an exemplary soldier who recently returned from Iraq and has mysteriously gone AWOL. Sarandon will play Jones’ wife; Tucker plays the son.

The story is based on an investigative article by Mark Boal in Playboy titled “Death and Dishonor,” which told the true story of an officer father who rejected the Army’s claim of AWOL status for his son and discovered a murder. Haggis fictionalized the elements and will direct from his original screenplay based on a story he wrote with Boal.

Shooting is scheduled to take place this month in New Mexico and Morocco.

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