Box-Office Oracle: Dec. 1 – Dec. 3

This week I get Happy Feet all the way to glorious new streaking victory. Enjoy it!
#1 movie predicted correctly: Zero Weeks In A Row
Okay, Happy Feet, I’ll play your little game. Go out there and win one for the lipper.
Estimate: $21.3 million
It must be getting strong word of mouth. I haven’t heard a dissenting opinion from anyone. It’s like a big lovefest towards this film.
Estimate: $17.8 million
Whew, this is going to be close. Are there more religious folk than Bond delayers? We’ll know in 72 hours.
Estimate: $17.5 million
Now it gets very tricky. Will people see what looks to be a shoddy movie?
Estimate: $13.1 million
It’s gotten fair buzz, but nothing like a Scott/Denzel film should’ve gotten. Something went wrong on this one.
Estimate: $12.6 million
At some point someone should punch Borat in the head for that long annoying subtitle.
Estimate: $6.7 million
Yet somehow this one is even more annoying as you have to include it in the title as the main character is long gone.
Estimate: $6.4 million
Will Danny’s drunken rant help box office? No.
Estimate: $6.0 million
If this starts getting Oscar buzz I’m going to maul people.
Estimate: $ 4.1million
It’s lonely down here, and box office light too. If you made a film right now you could probably finish number ten. Go for it!
Estimate: $2.7 million

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